Shaping Light

Photography is simply the technical ability to freeze time & this gives us the ability to shape light in various ways, giving us a unique medium of artistic & emotional expression.

About Me

I really don't know how photography entered my life, since from a very young age, I was always clicking away some small film camera, angering my parents as I was always "wasting" expensive film.

I guess it was always the urge to experiment, which I am still doing to this day, shooting what inspires me and what I like, creating art which delivers a feeling and an emotion and not just a pretty picture.


I am always open to discuss projects, themes and ideas. Commercially I am focused on Product and Model shoots, with an inclination towards the alternative. 

Feel free to contact me to discuss ideas!


These are just a few examples of my work, but these are just a moment in time - interests, styles, themes & ideas are always changing, evolving and morphing with us.

Model - Fashion & GlamourPhotography
Portrait Photography
Product Photography
Food Photography

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